Subject:RE: RE: 59-65 Speedo Brackets Date:Thu Mar 8 11:55:56 2012
Response to:17081
I don't want to pour any more gasoline on this fire but I have a question about the 67179-59 speedo bracket and the plate it mounted to. The 1959 top plate was a one-year-only item, what made it different and how do you identify it. I am thinking that the Hummer plate was the different one because it used the old SW speedo, the new plate had the bigger hole for the AC speedo. the picture below came off the junk shelf in my shop, I have always thought it came from an original '59 ST, I could be wrong, but it does have the bracket that is listed and illustrated in the parts catalog as '59 and up....


Perhaps I can figure out how to send a pic?
Mutt, You have only seen one bracket for these 59- 65 speedos?
I have an original 60,and a few original 62-65's with differant brackets, again original.

I do not have a 59 but, I would presume it is the same as a 60? I do not have an original 61 so I don't know which year they changed the bracket, 60, 61?.

Perhaps someone out in Hummer land has a 59 or 61 to compare?

Dave, another page for our how to restore section?

Funny how 1 part might make a difference?


Still $250 grand and you can have my inventory, tools and know how...