From:Don Biter Electronic:tycoon73 -A-
Subject:News from the AMCA Silver Sands Meet!! (Eustis) Date:Fri Mar 9 19:31:15 2012
Just when you think you have seen everything, Dr. Pepper and I were checking out some Hummer parts when all of a sudden, out of the bottom of a large wooden box, we saw "THE" rarest of the rare Hummer racing parts, staring up at us! I remember hearing about these from old racers when I was a kid, but this is the first one I've actually seen. It's an "air cooled" Inspection cover!! I heard these were only used by the "top high speed racers", to help keep there points from over-heating. I don't know why these didn't become more popular? Maybe someone will make repro's so we all can have one. I don't think the seller knows what he has, but I will make him an offer tomorrow and see what happens. More exciting news to come!!!!