Subject:RE: RE: I have a question Date:Mon Apr 9 12:55:02 2012
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You read it right. The ad says "Keep track of your speed and mileage accurately. Drive and cable furnished for front wheel drive. 1957 kit has parts for rear wheel drive. 67009-57 Hummer, 57 and up $17.75"

My understanding is that the only difference between the 67009-55 and -57 kits is that the 67009-55 kit had the the 67001-51B speedometer, and the 67009-57 kit had the 67001-51C speedo.

The 1957 and later models would not have needed the large drive housing and gears since they would have already been built-in to the 1957-up hub and brake side plate.

The "rear wheel drive" sounds bogus to me. I have no idea where/how it would connect to the rear wheel. And it would have required all kinds of special parts. For what purpose?

But stranger things have happened. Who's got a NOS 67009-57 kit?


Just like Dave did,I started looking through books on the chains and then ran into this.The 1960 access. book shows a speedo kit (F) for a 1957 that has rear wheel drive unit,,did I read this right??