Subject:RE: pohlman photos ? Date:Thu Apr 12 20:43:23 2012
Response to:17283
Because it was the 1st year for a front brake, on a HUMMER. Remember that there is a BIG difference between a ST Model 165 and a true Model B Hummer. When the Hummer Model was introduced in 1955 it had no front brake:
"Front Wheel and Brake
The front wheel hub shell changed since the Hummer did not have a front brake. The bearings and some small parts changed also."
The 1956 Hummers did not have a front brake either, 1957 was the first year it was offered.
Take a look at some of the member photos and the other Pohlman photos for '55 & '56, you will see what might look like a brake shell on the front rim but you will not see a brake lever on the handlebars.

Why does the text in the 57 hummer pic indicate that 57 was the 1st year for a front brake? hummm ;)?