From:Kurt Webster
Subject:RE: RE: RE: 165 Horn Button and Headlight Switch Date:Sun May 6 19:28:26 2012
Response to:17349
Well, I honestly didn't think it would be that easy. Funny
thing is, I brought the portable soldering iron with me when
I went to work on the bike today.

I should be able to get out to work on the bike again next
weekend. I keep the bike at my brother's building. Makes it
a little bit of a pain to get work done on it, since it's
over 30 minutes away. If I can get the garage cleaned out, I
might be able to bring it here and be able to work on it any
time I'd like.

Good to know the color isn't a problem. Thanks for easing my
mind on that one.

Kurt Webster


All ya need is a soldering iron. Call me, I'll walk ya thru
it. I agree with your dad. We had a 1957 B model Hummer. The
tank and both fenders were Tangerine Orange. It was offered
for the 56 165, but according to data was not offered for
the 57 B , but this also was an original bike and we re-
painted it the color it came. I believe you could order a
new bike with the year prior to it's color as the Factory
still had paint left from the previous year model.

(903) 873-6644

Also, I forgot that I wanted to ask about something that has
been bugging me. After looking at as much info as I can
find, I don't see anywhere that the '59 ST was offered in
black with white trim, whether standard or an option. I do
see that the '58 ST was offered in black with white trim and
white fenders. Do I have an undocumented color option? My
dad insists that it was never painted.

Kurt Webster

Got a little further with the wiring today. However, ran
into something that has be stumped. Neither the headlight
switch or the horn button have a simple way to disconnect
the wires from them.

What is the standard method for rewiring these two pieces?
Splice the new wire to the old? (Don't really like that
option) Buy a new horn button and new headlight switch? Or,
is there a way that I'm not seeing to disconnect the wires?

Kurt Webster