From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: how does Super10 brake light work? need the parts too. Date:Thu May 10 23:22:02 2012
Response to:17355

The pics on member bike page show the brake light switches of many "Super 10"s. Though there are only pics of the whole side of "Super 10"s these seem to be the same as the earlier bikes I'm familiar with.

The switch clamps to the lower rear frame tube like this: {} (members page mac chandlers 125). This is on a "125 modified" and similar to all I've ever seen. For my 125s I bought a new reproduction switch for a FL but had to make a new tube clamp because it came with a wrap for a larger diameter tube.


does anyone have pictures or know how the brake light should look on a Super 10? I just got this bike and want to register it but need a brake light and fender. I also need what ever makes it turn on when braking and pics of how it should look when on. Thanks.