Subject:#1001 1956 165 for sale Date:Sun May 20 20:44:23 2012
Hi there fellow Hummer enthusiasts !
I am selling my 1956 165 that was the very first one off the production line ! Engine number is 1001 and YES they are matched cases. It is an absolutely complete and correct bike with ALL the original parts on it. It starts right up and runs very well. The only thing not nice is that the handle bars were welded, but I have since found another pair of correct low bars OR I have a complete setup of the buckhorn bars for it. Your choice. We all know how hard it is to find all the right parts for these bikes so here is your chance to buy one that it complete and runs ! Keep it as is for a really cool original bike or it would be an easy restoration. I pulled the head and it has a standard piston so it has been rebuilt at some point. I would like to get $4,500 for it but I AM open to serious offers from the club before I list it on ebay. Email me at travis.harleyhummernut@gmail or call me at 719-641-6484
PS. see next post for the picture of the matching numbers.