Subject:RE: RE: 20+ years of rebuild, 1960 Super 10 Date:Wed May 23 20:57:28 2012
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On the flip side I took my restored '48 to a Swap Meet and Antique Show in Terryville, CT. 22 years ago. A couple of guys kept after me to sell it but it wasn't for sale. I finally said "$2500" to scare them off as it was only worth about $800 then. A guy who was listening off to the side came up after they left and said he'd give me the $2500. He was a Harley dealer from Edison, NJ and wanted it for his showroom. I was tempted but not for sale is not for sale. When you spend 20 years buying a part here and another there until you've finally collected all of them...then going all out to finally 'do it' it's impossible to put a price tag on it. It took 'Best of Show' and got me $100 in prize money to boot. The guy with the really nice Knucklehead at the time got really pissed and let me know it. The trophy may have dust and fingerprints on it but the memories are crystal clear. p.s. it's still not for sale :-)


Been reading this board for years.... acquired my Super 10 ( I always called it a hummer till I was set straight by Duane) as a rust bucket from a friends back yard over 20 years ago for $50
tore it down with the best intentions..... between two divorces and two moves, ( and lack of funds) Finally got it finished. Many thanks to everyone efforts who built this site, I've used it many of times for reference, and the help from Duane Taylor( Tires - brakes - spokes - grips, cables & seat recover), Steve Seller, (paint - love the Hi- Fi Red) and Mutt (Carb,Clutch-motor)

Fun bike, rode up to local HD shop last week... spent 2 hours just explaining to most people, what it was..

thanks for this site and everyone's helps over the years.
Hope to meet many of you on the road.
Ed in Texas

Nice job. Keep 'em guessing down at the Harley shop.

When I rode my '48 to the Harley shop the owner sent a salesman out to negotiate. All I was offered was $250.

I just turned away. (as I expect you would).