From:John Dutra
Subject:RE: RE: hummer Date:Fri Jun 8 13:19:13 2012
Response to:17466
Funny this subject has come up. I've been thinking for some time now that Harley should produce an updated version of the Hummer. Retro is huge and every car and motorcycle manufacturer that has tried it has been met with huge success, hell Harley already knows better than anyone that the old vintage look still sells. It's classic and timeless so why not reproduce a version of the Hummer with modern running gear and keep the same look ?
Maybe their is some way we could get the petition ball rolling here.

Well Don,

The point is well taken, but now I'd like to ask you a question:

What are you doing to start reproducing Harley Hummers?

Not an easy task huh, don't have the money for the start up, haven't contacted
Harley about gaining the licensing rights, just been wasting air doing a lot of
talking and no doing, huh? What is wrong with America you ask, people like
you laying the blame and sitting on their asses instead of just shutting up and
doing something. Good luck with that Don. Oh, and no offense intended.

This is what I don't get about America . Well, for starters , you sure
don't know how to make shoes anymore . ( Helloooo China )
So how could I expect anyone to build repro harley hummers even
with a moped 50cc motor . I saw we could buy wheels for hummers
form China for $20.00 a piece , yet we do nothing .
You'd rather have a chinese scooter and americans out of work than to
have a repro lookalike of a hummer moped 50cc or 125cc , it is a
wwII dkw . Well , thank you a' merka , for being lazy , helpless and
pathetic....hey , no offense intended , but really , y'all know we can do
better !