Subject:RE: 54 165 ST Wiring Harness Date:Thu Jun 21 19:57:14 2012
Response to:17517
Gene, The black wire from the igintion goes to the coil, far left side of the terminal board on the coil. The terminal on the far right side of the coil has a black wire which runs to the #17 terminal on the rear fender, another black wire connected to the #17 terminal then connects to the "hot" side of the points. So, there is no black wire which should go from the ignition switch directly to the rear fender terminal. Go to "How to Restore", chapter 66 "wiring" and look at the diagram for a model 165, it will show you.

In my new harness there is a black wire that is coming from the ignition going to a terminal screw on the front of the rear fender.
Every pre-cut wire in the harness is perfect except this one is too short. However it will reach some point on the voltage regulator, QUESTION; Is there a point on the regulator that this can go to ??