From:Bill Christensen e-mail:nokomis-A-qwest
Subject:RE: '54 165 ST Drive chain rubs fender Date:Tue Jul 3 23:15:42 2012
Response to:17496

Almost done with restoration, chain is hitting the fender both coming and going, hate to mess up this nice clear coat paint job, do I dremel tool a nothch(s) or bend fender?
I have seen pics of fenders that are stepped for this but my stock one is not.
Thanks for any advice. Not a 100 point job.

I think you are missing the spacer 59845-47 goes between the frame and the fender struts 3/4 o.d. 9/32 hole 1/4 thick. All the hard tail style frames had one. I have seen a lot of restorations without.