From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Transmission interchange? Date:Fri Aug 10 12:19:21 2012
Response to:17659

Transmission gears 9007, 9015, clutch bushing 37710-47, main drive gear collar 35165-47 (fits to seal), lay shaft bushings 36045-47 All these parts fit 48 through 60, all bikes check to see if these are the same on your case With the help of 63 "Spares book".

In my spares book I've witten sprocket sizes as motor-front primary 12 and 15, clutch-back primary 31 & 33, transmission-drive 14 & 13, wheel 43, 47, 49. the bigger driving sprockets and the smaller driven sprockets fit the smaller engines, the reverse is true of the larger engines.

OK you forced me to search for the books. I didn't find the service manuals that would have info you need. And the Spares manuals only 53 & 60 editions so no 63 to match your case. The clutch primary sprocket for the hummer was 33 teeth & the super 10 & ST got a 31 tooth but they seem (in 1960) to all be spinning on the same bushing to the trany shaft, and the main shaft bearing are the same 48 to 60. I restate I've never swapped a transmission from a hummer to a later case but they seem to be so similar I'd put it in & measure to see that the end play was OK. If it seems to fit I'd try it.

To swap the transmission you may need to put the 59 driving sprocket on the main shaft (or shorten your chain). but hey get up in the wind then worry about it.

I'm home today, I "should" work to get my kitchen back but Bob, I'd rather look through Spares books- I only recently got a Bobcat so I don't have a later Parts book, sorry.


Doug, thanks for the response. I'm not too concerned about the
ratios being the same. As long as I can interchange the entire
transmission as a unit, I'll go with that. Is the clutch
assembly the same?