From:Don Biter
Subject:RE: RE: RE: What Do I Have (3) Date:Mon Aug 13 13:08:29 2012
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I really wouldn't worry about the frame, unless somebody else thinks the judges might pay more attention to the date stamp. Until now I only knew three people that even had an idea what the date code was. We also have to remember the code was hand stamped by someone at the end of the production line, and depending on that person at that given time, the code could be backwards or upside down, or who knows? I would do what makes you happy and forget the rest, but thats just me.

Wow - I really must have misunderstood. I was looking at Mutt's post

It looked like to me that the number part of the letter / number pair was down by the tank bracket and the letter was by the head tube. Looking at it again, the "L" on mine looks more like a "7" than the "L" in Mutt's picture. Did Harley change things that often?

How much difference would it make on the value if I used the '56 motor, the frame I have and changed out the rims for 18"?

I kind of hate to spend the time and effort to restore it if everthing matching is really critical.



I could be wrong, but it looks like I 7, That would indicate the frame was made Sept. of 57'. The original frame may have been damaged in its first year of life and needed to be replaced. When I was young I nearly destroyed a new bike the first year I had it, so this makes sense to me. The wheels may have been changed in the same incident that damaged the frame. I would think used 19" wheels would have been readily avialable at the time, so that would explain that also. This is what made the Hummers and the ST's so practical, all the major parts interchanged. As far as I can tell, my 56 ST has parts from five different Years. It was rode hard and put up wet its entire life. Hope this helps. Good luck.
OK - so if I understand, the first picture with the "1 and L" indicate that my frame is from December of 1951. The frame has teleglide forks and 19" wheels.

The second picture, "47 54-53" is just a casting number, right?

The third picture (the engine SN) indicates that the engine is a 1956 ST.

So the question is, what should I do?

It doesn't look like the 165 was produced until 1953, so if I use my engine, I need to get a 1956 frame and 18" wheels, assuming I am going to restore this one 'correctly'.

Any opinions would be appreciated