From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: Crankshafts Date:Wed Aug 15 01:10:40 2012
Response to:17685
I think you are asking about the flywheels. The shafts are similar on the sprocket side but there are 2 different shafts on the generator and magnito bikes. I've not taken these
crank assemblies apart but you can probably measure the difference between the longer stroke 175, 165 and the 125 (subtract the radius(s) of the crank and big end pin). Doug

What is the difference in the 125, 165, and 175 crankshafts? I assume the stroke would be longer with the larger engine displacements, or no? Is there a visual difference in the cranks that makes them identifiable? I'm trying to identify a bunch of parts from disassembled engines. Thanks,