From:Matt O
Subject:RE: new registration in CA Date:Sun Sep 2 22:08:49 2012
Response to:17666
I will be going through this process shortly. I purchased a '62 Scat (has one of those universal body replacements?) on Saturday. From what I have been told, be sure you have a bill of sale. That is the most important item for registering a vintage vehicle in CA. Nearly impossible to reg. it if you don't! I will be calling the DMV on Tuesday to find out if I have to have it visually inspected before I can get my new title. If you respond to this, I will remember to update you when I find out.

You can get the BoS from CA-DMV here:

I live in Santa Barbara CA. I am restoring A 60BT Harley Hummer. It has no paper work, and I need to get it registered. Is there anyone who could offer me some assistance in getting this process started? Does anyone know what information I would need to have with me at the DMV? What the DMV form # might be? Thanks!