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No offence intended Perry and I'm not picking a fight. I love ya man....but.... manufactured in Mexico. In my defence I'm an industrial mechanic with 40 years under my belt fixing things. Manufacturing machinery experiences failures and those failures are repeating much more often than they used to. Reason? Poor quality replacement parts. Country of Origin? Too many failures and companies close. I enjoy antique motorcycles and machinery because they were made during times when competition meant making a better product. H-D beat them all out while Indian suffered from bean counter mentality. We seek out NOS or OEM used for our bikes. People like Duane Taylor are my heros. When he doesn't like what he's getting he makes something better. He'll never make his time invested back from sales; he does it because that is the kind of man he is. I got my a** reamed at work today. I'd replaced an aircraft cable on a sheet metal forming machine a few months ago that hadn't experienced a failure in ten years. It broke again. My work was questioned. I'd chosen a 2800 lb. test cable from McMaster/Carr for an application that required no more than 1100lb. test. I called them and found the cable was imported from......China. When I want to put miles on for a long trip I choose my '46 Chief, my 1995 Ford pickup or my '78 Honda Hawk. I no longer trust the 'new' things I buy. I'm being forced now to buy imported...I'd just like to have a choice.

Designed in Japan, assembled in China. Resistance is futile. Drink the kool-aid Brent ... Perry

...and nowhere did I see the country of manufacture.


I looked at the Shorai web site, and they make two six volt batteries LFX18A2-BS06 and LFX18L2-BS06 - they're the same except the terminals are reversed.

Dimensions: 4.45W x 2.28D x 3.50H
Original: 4.18W x 3.56D x 5.37H

They appear to be much wider and much shorter than the original - sounds like it will take some work to make them fit in the battery box / strap.

Did you see one in person?

Here's the link to the dimensions

The buzz from Davenport is the Shorai lithium battery:
they make one 6V unit and it's 18amps in a very small size. Designed for motorcycle use so vibration shouldn't be a problem ... Perry