From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Exhaust 1954 ST Date:Thu Sep 6 18:58:05 2012
Response to:17805
I'm not an expert on these, just studying the different parts books I have. I thought I had written a How-To-Restore chapter on Exhaust, but apparently not. I'll have to write one.

There are three different exhaust pipes for Model 165 (ST).

65439-47 1948-1950 Model 125 (S) - has bends
65439-51 1951-1952 Model 125, 1953 Model 165 (ST)- bends
65439-51A 1954 Model 165 - bends, uses 65533-54 Exh Pipe Ring
65439-55 1955-1959 Model 165 - round, uses 65533-54 Ring
65540-55 1955-1959 Hummer - round, aluminized paint

Note that the -51 and -51A pipes are one year only!

1955 and later parts books have illustrations showing the -51A as round, but the 1954 book plainly shows it with bends.

I suspect the -47 pipe is longer than the later ones, as I think the 48-50 muffler was shorter than the later ones. If that is true, and you have a -47 pipe, that would explain your problem.

I wish I had the various ones on hand to compare them. Mutt? Duane? Anyone?


Why do some 54 ST's show exhaust with a round radius and others with an offset leg in it.

My orignal has the offset leg as does my new chrome one, but the exhust pipe is like six inches too long. Do I keep sticking this into the muffler or cut it off ?

Also when finished, should the muffle be parallel with the ground or have some upsweep to it, I see it both ways.