From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Web site contributors Date:Tue Oct 2 17:18:59 2012
Response to:17862

Thank you for your generous donation to the Hummer website fund. Besides the website, your donation helps fund the hot dogs, hamburgers and cold drinks at the Hummer Hospitality Tent at Silver Sands, Oley, Rhinebeck, and Dixon AMCA swap meets each year.

The tent doesn't magically appear - Dr. Pepper, Brent Dugan, Richard Duda, and Gene Underwood & John Dutra put a lot of time and effort into hoisting the tent and hosting Hummer Hospitality.

The Club has changed a lot since that day in 1979 when the first Club newsletter rolled off the typewriter (remember them?)

One thing hasn't changed in the last 33 years: we're here to provide information and assistance to owners of these wonderful motorcycles.

Dave Hennessey
Brent Dugan
Dean Hummer

[...] He went on and on about how great the Hummer Club web site is and how he was having so much fun taking in all the information there is here. [...]