Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Front fender braces Date:Sat Oct 6 14:59:58 2012
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Looks like we are both wrong sorta. The 55 book doesn't show 1/2" long bolts thru 55. In 55 the book shows that it uses (6) 3787 1/4-20" x 3/4" long hex head bolts. 52-54 used (6) 3728 1/4"-20 x 1/2" long bolts and the 51 only used (6) 2758 1/4-20 x 1/2" long SCREWS. These are the same philip head truss screw with the built on ext. tooth lock washer (same as the front chain guard screw on all 60-66 models) The 55 parts book also says that the 3/4" long bolts use the 7675 nut (which is a typo as fine thread nuts won't screw onto coarse thread bolts) But as I stated before, if you look in the Polhman photos of the 55B and the 55 ST, englarge the pic with your photo editor and it's really clear to see the overlapped fender braces.
Since a 3/4" bolt ain't long enough to barely even start a nut. you know the next size up bolt was 7/8" long.One over lapped brace on each side, so it would use (4) 3/4" bolts and (2) 7/8"

Well the 48-55 book shows all 6 as 1/2" up to 55.
Now the 53-63 book shows both sizes starting in 55, which one is correct? Typical parts book issues that is why I am asking.


Look closer there Leroy. Do ya see where it lists (4) 3/4" long bolts and (2) 7/8" long bolts. The long bolts go thru the overlapped braces !!! Also if if simply look in Jerry's Poulman pics at the 1955 models pics, you can clearly see the overlapping braces on the front fenders


That shows when they went from screws to bolts on the braces,nothing about when the braces changed. 53-63 book shows a different pic but nothing said about when the braces changed.

The change came on the 55 model. Look at the 48-55 parts manual.

Ok Hummerites look at your original bikes for me please. I know that up to 54 the front fender braces were butt welded together. What year did they start overlapping the front braces?

Thank you, Leroy Lange