From:Brent Dugan
Subject:RE: Brent Date:Fri Nov 2 21:43:36 2012
Response to:17919
Thank you for your concern. Personally I'm making out okay at this point though a number of my friends and neighbors aren't fairing too well. The town I'm in lost power the first day and we still are out. I have a generator. The power company out here has told us to plan on 'maybe' Sunday or Monday. What's sad is the few remaining shops that still have generators for sale are trying to profiteer by doubling the normally too high price. Both sides of human nature come out during times like this.

The biggest problem is getting gasoline for our vehichles and generators.

If you've read about fist fights and guns being drawn at the pumps the stories are true. One of my best friends here is a Warren County detective and they've all been assigned Service Station duty to keep the peace. Our Governor signed a bill tonight putting us on Odd/Even fuel purchases starting tomorrow.

I found out today I'm officially a Senior Citizen. The Mayor showed up at my door to say they were checking on all the 'Seniors' in the area to make sure we're okay....and if we need ice for our refrigerators.
Sure would be nice if the Social Security Dept. checks were to start rolling in but they're still a few years off.

My prayers are with those of you out there that are having to make do with what you've got. Hang tough.

Checking on how you made out with the storm. Hope everythings OK.