From:steve sellers
Subject:project for sale Date:Sat Nov 10 13:03:09 2012
hello everyone!

i've finally decided to sell off some projects & thin my herd down a bit as i'm starting to realize that i'll never get around to finishing the stuff i have.

the one i'm posting up here could be used as anything between a 51 thru 58st although i do have a set of cases that are 56st. i'll be selling this as a "painted roller". i will paint all the sheetmetal the desired color of the purchaser with the correct decals for the year desired. i have collected really nice tins for this bike over the years, so all sheetmetal is really nice. tank has been sealed with por-15 inside. i can also paint the frame etc. but know many prefer to have this part of the build powdercoated, so will play that part by ear. the handlebars have already been rechromed. a really good start overall on a build. it will be easier for anyone interested to shoot me an email or give me a call (i'm listed in the "vendors" area)& i'll email pics vs. loading the system here with pictures.

price is a firm $2000 including the paintwork.