Subject:RE: Drained gas tank Date:Sat Nov 17 20:01:57 2012
Response to:17957
Is the worry that there is a fire danger if you leave it full of fuel? If that is it,
I wonder if you might be better off closing the petcock and filling the tank
with diesel? If air / moisture can't get to the metal on the inside of the tank,
it can't rust...

I had a friend who pulled his tank, drained it, sealed it up and kept it in his
closet. Took a lot less space than the whole bike.


I've drained the gas tank on the Hummer and it will sit for the next 5
months in an unheated garage (the boss says there's no room in the

What do the experts suggest to lessen condensation/corrosion in the tank;
do I leave the gas cap off so air can circulate in tank;
or do I close petcock and put cap on tight?