From:Dana Wassum
Subject:RE: '52 125s Resto-project help needed Date:Sun Dec 30 01:39:57 2012
Response to:18090
You will find many vendors/resources in the Parts Section of
this website. Duane Taylor is a great resource. Bruce
Mackenzie can also help you with any phase of your
restoration, from motor rebuilds to total restorations.
Bruce has done total restorations on three of my Hummers,
and one for my brother, who lives near Toledo, OH. Check out
his website, and give him a call. We are VERY pleased with
the work Bruce did for us. Photo is of my brother's 48S
that Bruce Mackenzie restored in 2009.

Hi there! My brother and i have a 1952 125s that was
left to us by our father that passed away almost a year ago.
I am 40yrs old and have never seen this bike run. It has
been in the shed at our parents house since the early 80's
when it moved out of our uncles barn where it sat for 10 or
15 yrs. Dad bought it from another uncle in the late 60's
when he was getting divorced and didnt want it around our
house because our older half brother would have likely
destroyed it. Dad only rode it a few times because the
kickstarter is stripped and had to push start it. We are
interested in talking to someone near southeast MI that can
help with the restoration process. The motor would have to
be totaly gone through and replace the electrical system i'm
sure. The chrome would have to be redone also. We would
like to do as much as possible ourselves as a token to our
late father. About 5 yrs ago we did a frame off restoration
on a 31 ford tudor sedan with him and it was his pride and
The bike was painted army green and has a buddy seat. It
looks to be all there including a HD battery but has surface
rust on almost the whole bike. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks, Steve
ps. I will try to post some pic's if anyones interested in
seeing it for suggestions on what to do to it.