From:Dr. Pepper
Subject:RE: RE: AMCA Meet in Florida Date:Tue Jan 8 11:30:01 2013
Response to:18119
10-4,I think Joe has a couple sets of Topper bars. I'm flying up to Pa. on Feb. 1 to spend a week or so with him. I'll go through his toy box and see what he has for Toppers. If he has the bars I'll bring them to the meet.
See you in March!

Dr. Pepper,
Great. I plan on being there and will look you up. I`m still looking for a set of Topper handlebars complete for my Puckett racer, maybe you or Boone can help me out, would be appreciated.
#240, Joe

The Hummer Club Tent will be in full swing this year and have the same 3 spots as last year J-1,J-2,J-3.
Will have tables set up for your parts for sale or trade. Bring your bike if you can.Will have the Bar-B-Que grill going,Sodas and Beer in coolers and a golf cart to carry all your new treasures to or from the car.