From:Doug Miller (in Oregon)
Subject:RE: RE: '54 st165? Date:Fri Jan 25 17:49:37 2013
Response to:18166
these are my opinions and guesses.

That's over on Broadway right? Of course it's not worth much. Now, did you give me the address and then chose to not get it so I'd have an open field...

If they are asking $5000 I'd pass it up, if $1000 (and i had shop space) I'd buy it. final value would be $1500 running with patina, $3500(high end) engine rebuilt with patina $3000 rebuilt re-painted show bike.

(but I have 2 non running) most of my decision would be based on the completeness of the bike and I already know how to do most of the work that would go into making it run. the pics show it all there.

It looks to be there with few pieces removed. things you will expect to do, carb, tank, points, and muffler cleaned, trans oil, and spark plug changed, a new battery & it might go for the 500 miles to a new plug & the next muffler cleaning. Other stuff, the crank seals may need to be renewed, does the engine turn, clatter then that would have to be repaired?

These things are pretty simple bikes,
If you worked on a bicycle with success you could probibly do most of the work yourself, there are those thar rebuild these engines you can find wiring harnesses made new to original specs, most parts are available & the manual was written so the kid could rebuild most of it in the basement.

One more picture.

This bike is at a garage sale near me and looks like it might be a fun project. Assuming it has been sitting for the better part of a couple decades, what would it be worth and how difficult to get it back on the road?