From:John Fairgrieve
Subject:RE: RE: '64 Pacer Gas Mix? Date:Sat Jan 26 22:50:33 2013
Response to:18172
I use Lawn Boy two cycle oil. It is available almost everywhere and I mix it 24:1.

Try the search feature looking up "fuel mix" or scroll down to message 18000. You should find info there. A 2 stroke mix oil for aircooled engines will be the one that burns up most completely, chose one you will be able to get consistently because changing oils might change the tune-up specs. Doug

Just bought a 1964 Pacer. Could someone please tell me the ratio of oil to gasolne for the two cycle mixture? Also what brand/type of oil you use to mix with the gasoline? Does just about any two cycle oil work or is there one that is better than the others for the little Harley? Thanks, Mike