Subject:RE: RE: part needed Date:Fri Feb 8 20:50:14 2013
Response to:18231
Mutt, I think I have one. I am selling off my 48 & 60 projects...can't find the good parts to finish them. I will have a 48 NOS headlight (in the box), NOS speedo, the nice .020 over cyl & piston (you did for me), the crank you rebuilt with the larger pin rod and the taillight bracket plus much more stuff. I also have lots of stuff for the 60 to sell. I have all the parts for my 54 and will be focusing it. I also have the Hummer tools & box on ebay.
Thanks, Herman


I really ought to use spell check huh? !!!!!

Does any one have a nice unmolested one of these laying around they would like to sell or trade.
Part # 45951-47 upper rocker arm for the 48 and 49 models