Subject:RE: Looking for a Reasonable 48-50 125 Project Date:Wed Feb 13 14:44:58 2013
Response to:18203
I might have what your looking for, give me call, 256-486-1452

Hello All:
Just finishing up a 43 BSA WM20 Military and am thinking about doing a Girder front Hummer. I love the girder fronts. Been in contact with Mutt to get a feel for the availability and market for early year Hummers (48-57). However, I just cannot get away from the look of the black 48 125S that Mutt restored! Awesome.

Need a reasonable project as I do not have the facilities to do major mechanical (have to use outside expertise). Major basket cases are not in the picture for me as it would be too expensive as per investment and potential return based on what I see restored 48-50 Hummers fetching these days.

However, I do not do this for the resell of bikes for profit, just a half-hour here and there as a welcomed stress relief! Later on, if needed, I can part with some of my bikes to help pay for college for the kids.

Also, not looking to go for AMCA showing and points, just a Sunday afternoon putt is for me; however, I am a bit anal about getting as close to factory trim and specifications as I can get!

Any help will be appreciated. I have spent a few hours perusing the posts here. There is a wealth of information and expertise out there to draw upon for a Hummer project.