From:Dana Miller
Subject:RE: RE: WOW! Super 10 Date:Mon Feb 18 23:46:31 2013
Response to:18264


WAY TA GO DANA, looking forward to seeing you and what
sounds like a real beauty at Dixon. I went back and looked
at the Dixon pics and remember you and that gorgeous luggage
rack you were selling.
I am a bit, ahem , green with envy as that Hi Fi green is
what I've been wanting to paint my 61 super 10. I love that
crazy purple too but Gene Underwood already has that one
taken. Steve Sellers and I may just have to put our heads
together for something on the period correct custom side of
At any rate as others here have stated , please hurry with
not one but several pictures of what I'm sure is a real show
Let's get in touch and talk about Dixon.
Wow! I just finally got My 1960 Super-10 back from Mutt. I'm
speechless. I can"t thank him enough for all the expertise
he's provided throughout the restoration. I will post some
pictures in the next few days but first I really want to
thank everybody that has helped me along the way. Just to
name a few... Steve Sellers did a great job on the HI-FI
Green paint, Mutt of of course for the motor rebuild,cad,
parkerizing,chrome,powder coating and assembly,Duane
Taylor,Lee Lange,Travis , Worsham Castle Leathers,, Bruce Mackenzie, Vinces Antique
Motorcycles and so many others that have supplied parts and
services over the last few years. It's been nearly six years
since I tore "Hardley" apart and have spent many hours
trolling ebay for nos part etc. When I finally decided to
send out the work last July, UPS wound up losing a bunch of
stuff. Now 7 months later I'm still dealing with the
insurance claim. Cuss words are not enough for those idiots.
Fortunately with help from Mutt and everyone here on the
Exchange I was able to replace most of the parts. Really
looking forward to the Dixon CA 2013 show this year. Dana