Subject:RE: Silver Sands AMCA Meet Date:Tue Mar 12 22:37:30 2013
Response to:18318
My buddy Fred called to tell me how welcome the Hummer Guys made him feel again this year...and that Pepper kept sending him back to load his plate up with more chicken.
Don't get your hopes up that Dave and I will be topping the Fla. meet at Oley...the best you can hope for is Burgers, dogs, beer and cole slaw sweeties. Maybe Dave will get drunk enough to shake his butt but that's about it :-) When I get drunk these days I talk politics. I'm glad to hear everyone had Fun in the Sun!

Just got back from Fl. Had a great time seeing Pepper, Joe ,Tom and Fred again. Pepper and Joe put out some great food. Pepper even Had six of his sweeties from the cole slaw wrestling at the cabbage patch stop by. (We had to have some of that slaw with the pork sandwiches) Had a great time. I'll be back next year. Hope Dave and Brent can top it at Oley.