From:john dutra
Subject:RE: The Quail Gathering Date:Wed May 8 09:11:15 2013
Response to:18467
ADDA BOY DANA ! Quail Run; rubbing elbows with celebrities
eh ? Second place is huge, like you say the bikes you were
up against are beautiful and simply don't get any nicer. Way
to represent our little community.
If your going to replace your header pipe anyway how about
trying some 0000 steel wool to the one you have? Might be
good enough to sell to us commoners at Dixon lol.

Just at the last minute I decided to take my
Super-10 to one of the best motorcycle shows on the West
Coast. The Quail Lodge Gathering in Carmel. Wow every single
bike there was as cherry as it gets! I felt pretty stoked to
place second in the American class considering the
competition. After talking to the judges, I'm certain i
might have placed first if it weren't for the fact that i
dropped a microfiber towel on the hot exhaust pipe a few
days prior which left little burnt plastic hairs all over!
Yep! got another on order!
Anyways got to meet Otto from the DKW factory and look
forward to the upcoming Dixon show in June! Just want to
Rally all those Hummer fans to make the show this year!