From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: '63 Pacer ? with side car Date:Fri Jun 14 12:34:50 2013
Response to:18560
Very interesting. It is a 1951 bike with a 1963 Pacer engine. The sidecar frame bolts to the bike frame where the battery should be, so I guess they substituted a magneto engine - and the 175cc engine would haul the extra weight much better than a 1951 125cc engine.

The couplings where the sidecar frame can be easily disconnected from the bike do not look homemade. While I would not put too much credence in "factory prototype", the sidecar frame appears to have been made in some factory.

Sales of the Hummer-series declined rapidly during the 1960s, and H-D was introducing the Amermacchis, so I doubt that H-D would have made one - especially since it would only really fit the 1960s' models.

There was an aftermarket Little Rebel sidecar for Hummers but I've never seen one. Maybe one of those, or maybe it's adapted from some other motorcycle. Who knows?

Whatever it is, if you've got a dog(s) who like to stick their head out the car window, this would be a great dog-mobile!



Interesting bike on craigslist.
Doesn't really look like a '63 to me.
Has a '51 Speedometer, which fits with the tail light.