From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Looking for embossed 125 HD red taillight lens Date:Sun Jun 23 18:52:15 2013
Response to:18573

Can we pick your brain a little more?

1) My understanding is that the Model 125/165 taillight hoods were painted black, and the Model K/KH were the same hood except they were chrome. Is that correct?

2) My understanding is that the 1948-1949 Model 125 did not come standard with a brake light switch. Did they use a one-pin bulb connector or two-pin? The parts books show only one connector, 68155-34. Did they use a one-filament bulb or two-filament. It looks like the 68165-34 bulb was used 48-49 and the 68165-47 bulb was used 1950-1955. Can you clarify?

3) The two styles of lens retainers are in the photo below. I seem to remember some taillight brackets having a "cutout" for the wire kind, and no cutout for the spiral snap ring type, but it's been a long time. Can you clarify?