From:Travis Scott
Subject:Original Bikes available Date:Sat Jul 6 19:39:33 2013
Hi fellow Hummer enthusiasts !!
As we all know.....sometimes we have to let go of some of our beloved bikes when an exciting new one comes into our lives. That is the case for me anyway ;>) I am needing to sell something to be able to afford my latest venture so I am offering for the first time some of Original bikes. I have a 1955 125 Hummer that is all there and runs great and I have a 1962 scat and a 1959 125 Hummer both of which are "Rustorations". Meaning that they have been gone through, all bearings, rubber parts and cables checked, lubed and the motors rebuilt but left looking original. Priced to sell. Email me DIRECTLY or call 719-641-6484 thanks, Travis