Subject:RE: RE: super 10 tune up Date:Sat Jul 6 20:13:05 2013
Response to:18599
Mine seems to run ok but it just seems like there should be a little more power there.I guess that is the way they are.

Thanks for all the insight

Hi Bryan, my 61 super 10 is a little cruiser but no
powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination.Top speed on a
level road is 50 mph. It's the old V.W. bus syndrome though
in that it takes a while to get there especially at my
current weight north of 220 lbs. Mine ran fine but in hopes
of more power i replaced the stock carb with a new mikuni.
Not as much ( barely noticeable ) improvement as I'd hoped .
They really need to be spun up a bit "on the pipe " as they
say to get what power they have out of them but they are
still a ton of fun and will cruise all day at 40 to 45 mph
but again the power delivery is much like that of das v dub
Enjoy it for what it is. A more grins per mile than a lot of
bikes and just to cool to look at !

Does anyone out in hummerland have any tricks to getting
super 10 carburetor adjusted correctly?
How much power should a super 10 have?
I am not sure how a super 10 should run with a 170 lb man on

Any info would be great.
Thanks Bryan