From:Travis Scott
Subject:NOS Puckett race Bike available Date:Sun Jul 7 18:00:07 2013
I am offering my 1955 165 Puckett race Bike to club members. It was built with almost all NOS Lewis Puckett Race Parts. Including the Hi-Compression head, cylinder cooling ring/fins, Heavy duty 7 spring clutch, Crankcase stuffer ring, and bendix race magneto ignition system. NOS 26 MM Mikuni carb and a NOS 30 MM included. The tranny even has the racing gears also.
This is a brand new fresh motor . Built by the famed race motor builder Stan Waite of "Thunder Hummers" for me to really kick butt on the track. But I haven't been back to Davenport since getting this built. I have started this motor a half dozen times, but it has 0 miles on it.
Bike has a ceriani front fork, alloy wheels, no front brake, and two different handle bars. Very Light stripped down serious racer! BE THERE at Davenport this year with a real potential winner.
Email me directly or call Travis at 719-641-6484