From:Scott Mckenzie
Subject:RE: Ground up restoration of a 1963 scat Date:Wed Jul 10 10:52:03 2013
Response to:18623
Best for finish details are the "Pohlman photos" click "how to restore" at top of club main page and the spot to click is right at the top.

Hello hummerites.
I am rebuilding / restoring my 63 scat.
Is there detailed info somewhere I'm missing regarding the finish of all the parts?
For example, what parts do I powder coat I.e. frame, top of triple tree, etc, and are they or which parts are gloss black,which are flat black, etc etc.

Does anyone make or put together a COMPLETE set of nuts bolts screws etc, all with correct finish like cadmium, parkerized, chrome, etc? For these bikes?

We are calling the bike " Phoenix the Scat"

We will take detailed pix of Ike from start to finish.

Thanks in advance...Gene.
P.s. I'm sure I will be beggin for some parts as the process progresses