From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: ifo needed on hummer frame & Date:Thu Jul 11 20:00:47 2013
Response to:18634

When are we going to get another "illuminated" Hummer Postcard?

And yes, you are correct about the "VIN" numbers, obviously the person posting this question didn't read How-To-Restore Chapter Two


Those are NOT VIN numbers, they are merely casting numbers and are common to all bikes. The Vin is on the left front of the engine vertically on the engine case. No frame number was used on any H-D domestically built lightweight.

I have a hummer frame with VIN number 45454-53 on it. I am looking for info as to it's value, where to begin to get title, and ANY otehr info. It has forks on it that are close in number 45682-53, is that common or what? The frame has forks, handle bars, pegs, brake pedel, and seat bracket on it. ANY info would be appreciated. PLease e-,mail me if you mwill as to any info and value. I will; try and get pics of it.