From:chuck maize
Subject:RE: RE: Wauseon Date:Fri Jul 12 07:18:00 2013
Response to:18633
Same weekend starts the VMBC Vintage MotorBike Club meet 7/20-7/24 at Portland IN just over the state line...BIG classic meet.

Arny, I called my buddy Rich to get the space number and he said he didn't pre-purchase one as his decision to go was last minute. This means we'll be assigned a space once we get there. We'll be arriving late afternoon on Friday. My cell number is 908-432-1765 so give me a call then and I'll let you know where we're set up.

Bud and all others ---Wauseon is much bigger than Oley or Jefferson meets . Also on Friday night they have races that are great with a Hummer class . It does cost I think $15 to sit in the grandstand to watch the races but well worth it . A small donation for parking but no admission to the fairgrounds . My favorite, great people ,food,LOTS OF PARTS and cause I drive 1&1/2 miles get on I-80 drive about 275 miles on I-80 get off exit and am basically at the fairgrounds ! I also go regularly to Oley, Jefferson and to the Sunshine meet in Florida (missed the last couple years due to them moving the date up ) and recently to the meet in Dixon Ca. I have Davenport and Ny on my bucket list . I will be at Wauseon if nothing happens between now and next week at this time . Hey Brent want to meet up with you and your friend from Clarion seeing as he is only 20 miles away from me ! Got that space number yet ? Arny