Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Clutch components, release screw, is it bad ??? Date:Sat Jul 13 16:24:25 2013
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Martin, measure the 2 straight pieces of rod. the small center one measures 1. 1875" when new and the long right side one measures 4.875"

You can check your cable. Remove the cable from the bike.
lay the cable out flat. Pull the end of the cable that has the barrel on the end until all the slack is taken out. The T will be tight against the cable outer housing. Measure from the outside end of the outer cable to the inside end of the barrel. This measurement should be a MAX of 3 7/8". Any longer and you'll have to unsolder the barrel and move it in towards the outer cable hosing til the measurement is reached, then resolder it. 3 3/4" is best.