Subject:RE: Wauseon Date:Wed Jul 24 00:36:04 2013
Response to:18667
Sorry to hear about your illness.
Hope you get well soon!

A big bust for me and my buddy. We arrived Friday to set up and found ourselves in a blast furnace...97 degree heat with a stiff breeze that threatened to blow everything away. Hardly anyone was spending money as it was "too hot to carry anything but a water bottle" said one of the customers. Torrential rains with heavy thunder & lightning hit at 2:30am and lasted until about 5am....impossible to sleep. I couldn't sleep anyway as I kept having to hit the porta-john every 20 minutes. The rain let up but my 'trips' didn't. Around 9am I started getting strong stomach cramps that got worse. I held out as long as I could but at 10am my buddy had to call the Rescue Squad to come get me and I didn't argue. For those of you there that saw the ambulance arrive, well, that was for yours truly. I spent the rest of the day in the Fulton County Hospital. The final diagnosis was viral inflammation of the intestines. They said I didn't pick it up from anything at the Fairgrounds as it was too far advanced. My buddy had packed up our stuff while I was at the hospital and then joined me there so we were on the road home by 5pm.
On Friday there was only one unrestored 'hummer' riding around the fairgrounds but I was too busy to stop him and ask who he was (young kid, maybe 14). A few of the guys visiting our booth said there were 2 basket cases on the grounds but the owners were asking ridiculous prices for them and restoration money would put them way over the top of doing anything with them.
We were a bit disappointed that the fairgrounds charged an additional $35 for camping on top of the vending space fee if you wanted to pitch a tent or sleep in your truck in your own space! I never ran into this at the East coast AMCA meets. Maybe some of you have with the Midwest and West coast meets...let me know which ones.
Anyone out there have a good story or two to post about Wauseon? I love to hear it.