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You too Steve!
Get well soon!


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Hate to reiterate your story BUT!

We arrived on Wednesday. to set up and were charged a twenty dollar bill to drop off our trailer at our spots rater than having to cart it back and forth another day from Toledo C'est la vie !

The weather wow! Wauseon stood up to its reputation of being a broiler ! At least the rain was at night but the buyers were few and far between ! Almost too hot to carry anything was heard several times by our "lookie loos" We stuck it out though, better a little everyday !

However , I too was able to take advantage of Fulton Counties Finest and got an ambulance ride Saturday afternoon from the fair grounds to the Hospital after impaling my hand with a shard of wood, from one of our display tables ! Several hours spent at the hospital and a twelve hour drive back to NC in a very painful state ! Just a perfect cap to our weekend ! Hey but theres always next year !!!

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