From:Dennis Parker
Subject:RE: Restored Bike available Date:Tue Jul 30 18:07:06 2013
Response to:18600
Can you tell me more about the Hummers you have? Condition and price??

Hi all,
I sold my Topper with side car, but still have my restored Bobcat available. There was only 1540 miles on it when I restored it. All serious offers considered. I have another bike I want to buy so need to sell this bike or one of my "Rustoratons". I have an all original 1959 Hummer with rebuilt motor and a '62 Scat all original with rebuilt motor, and a '55 Hummer original runner. And a runner 99% correct and running 1963/'62 Scat too.
Call 719-641-6484 or email me DIRECTLY. Travis