From:john dutra
Subject:2013 Mecum Auto Auction Date:Tue Aug 20 09:52:14 2013
Hope this works never posted a pic from an email.This was taken last Friday at the Mecum Auto Auction in Monterrey.This beautiful little set up was going on the block the following day. Spoke to the owner who had quite the sales pitch and said the Hummer only had 6 miles on it. No speedo or Odo so how he knows this is beyond me. Other incorrect stuff but I wasn't going to get into it. The Truck is supposedly a one of two remaining GMC prototypes with a/c p/s and automatic. It was a beauty and the bid went to 70k and didn't meet reserve.A restored Hummer went for over 17k two years ago but was nicer than this one. Prices have sure gotten insane. Muscle cars especially. Now the car guy's are getting into the less expensive bike market and driving our Hobby through the roof. Good news if your sitting on a garage full of bikes but tough for those who want to get into the classic bike market.