From:Harry McGill
Subject:RE: Battery & Starting Question Date:Wed Sep 25 21:39:41 2013
Response to:18815
Check the battery restore article again. The article calls for two of the 4.5 HA batteries, connected in parallel for a total of 9 AH. Should still work with one. Follow the directions provided by CJ.


Just got a 53 hummer and the battery was dead. I looked at the restore section and bought the battery that was suggested which was a 6v 4.5amp battery. I hooked it up and now my lights turn on and stay on but the bike wont start. I am doing something wrong? could it be a carb issue? or should I get the 9amp battery and hope it will make a difference. I know these bikes have a generator and im thinking the 4.5amp battery is to weak.

Any suggestions? before I take it to a shop..