From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: Lange Tires Date:Mon Oct 28 09:48:27 2013
Response to:18885

A lot of motorcycle riders and suppliers have succumbed to the hype of the racers in their belief that a round tire is the only shape tire that grips the road in a turn. The flat(ish) on top tire works fine in corners at the non-racing speeds these and classic bikes were designed for. I don't run Langes but would. My classic tires on a Harley 350, Coakers I think, have taken me through some surprise windies where the "rockets" on "good" tires were left in the ditch. Some riders don't know ----.

If the new round tire is worn enough to have a flat(ish) track I would be worried more but I've had that fellow tell me my classic style tire was not safe when his FRONT showed threads.

I have sold Many of these tires, Sportsters, Hummers, even sell many to a restorer in Japan. Never had a problem, these tires are rated for 135mph, check your air pressure, 20psi is what I suggest.

Leroy Lange
Langes Hummers

I was told the other day that the Lange tire I have aren't safe over 15mph in a corner. Any one have any feed back?