From:Backyard Bob e-mail:somewhere-A-newjersey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: 64 pacer won't kick start Date:Sat Nov 23 23:37:00 2013
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Now that Winter is coming and you're puting the bike 'up' for the season you may want to remove your air filter and start it up. As it's running shut off the petcock and let it run out of gas....when it's in it's last 'sputterings' fog the carb intake with WD40. As the revs go up shut off the ignition but continue spraying the WD40 for a few seconds. Close the choke and put the air cleaner back on. This way you have run the ethanol mix out of the carb (very destructive if it sits in your carb) and vapor-proofed your engine. Don't forget to put your trickle charger on the battery. If you're 'anal' jack the bike up to get the tires off the floor to avoid flat spots.....wax the chrome and don't remove the coating until Spring.

Well I took the advice and did a little bit of a tune up, changed the plug with
proper gap, full choke, half throttle and voila!!!!! Kick started right away and
runs like a champ!!!! It is a beauty and way too cool!!! thanks for the suggestions
. Greatly appreciated!!! Lb

My recently sold 63 was finicky too....even with remagnetized magneto...carb
settings were touchy...but first check spark when kicking by removing plug,
clamp outside of plug to ground on head...dark place works best to see
spark...clean plug before...any soot and/or oil from kicking screws up spark.

In general if IT Doesn't start I give it a tune-up. even if IT runs fine once started.
This works on lawnmowers, pressure-washers, cars, and my 48S. Well at least a
tuneup helps, but some parts come broken from the factory so always consider
"broken from the factory" a possibility.

The pacer I picked up won't kick start but will bump start and runs great. The
kick starter has full range of motion and turns the engine over freely. Any
suggestions? I am new to these lil beauties so your experience/advice will be
appreciated. Cheers lb