Subject:RE: Old Oil Cans - Harley viscosity numbers Date:Wed Nov 27 10:24:01 2013
Response to:18989
Some cans say both. H-D never used a 70W oil.

The topic comes up about Harley's odd oil viscosity numbers, and what is the equivalent SAE numbers

Some people say:
"58" Special Light = SAE 50
"75" Medium Heavy = SAE 60
"105" Regular Heavy = SAE 70

Others say:
"58" Special Light = SAE 20
"75" Medium Heavy = SAE 40
"105" Regular Heavy = SAE 60

That's a big difference. I've read that some old Harley oil cans have both the HD number and description marked on it - as well as the SAE weight.

Are there any oil can collectors out there? Do you have any cans marked with both sets of numbers?

Some cans of Harley 2-stroke oil say "SAE 40".