From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 53 hummer info Date:Mon Dec 2 15:14:22 2013
Response to:19021
Harley's book, "The Legend Begins", says

"Every Harley-Davidson for 1954 will proudly carry the 50th Anniversary Medallion on the top of the front fender. This medallion sets the 1954 models apart from all others [...]"

There are several possibilities: (a) someone really liked the medallion, and put one on their 1953 bike. (b) The bike is really a 1954, but someone replaced the 1954 engine with a 1953 sometime during the last 60 years. (c) The title says 1953, but the bike is not.

So let's start: What is the serial number on the engine? (Look in How-To-Restore Chapter 2). Which speedometer does it have (Chapter 3).

Original medallions are quite expensive, so hang on to it!

Paint colors are over in How-To-Restore Chapter 60.

probably in the wrong place but i need a few questions answerd. bought a 1953ST hummer with a 50 year badge on the front fender, is this original to the bike. Where do i find correct color for the bike. it is a light blue. your help is apreciated.

Thank you