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I feel as if I may do a little of both if that makes sense...I plan on riding it and keeping it more than anything. I did find and order a manual, spare parts book and wiring harness. I have an ignition switch and keys too. I guess I will be able to figure it out a lot better when I have the books...I will get a look at that clutch cable situation too here shortly. Have a project car I'm working on too so lots going on :)

Thanks agaon for all the great info.

OH further searching suggests You need a wiring harness. The harness may be purchased as a unit perhaps with directions and you'l need an ignition switch, maybe other switches (in the other side of the bike).

You do need to decide whether you'll rebuild or restore the bike. A rebuild would allow modern switches or horn, where "restore" might suggest you'll need to search for the exact part as available from the factory.


Nice looking bike.

It looks like the clutch cable is not connected, You might take the right sidecase off and see if you can feed the cable and hook it on the lever arm. (as a first thing). I also suggest Duane Taylor (Taylor Classic Cycles) you can find him on the "parts" pages in Group, He is based in Salem Oregon. Someone else is near you, I've heard someone posting from near you. Look for the service manual $20-30 in line and maybe a parts (spares) manual for part numbers.

That's a sweet bike...if I could afford air fare I'd love to come out and discuss the details of your bike over a couple of bottles of sweet wine....and get it running for you. SF Bay area? I did Huntington Beach for a few years....never thought 'North' but am willing. East Coast now.
All kidding aside I'm sure you'll find someone to help you out. You might contact Duane Taylor. He is 'the Man' in your area.

Hi! I'm new to all of this but very excited to meet you all. Just picked up this little piglet in Reno, NV. and brought her home to the East SF Bay area.

It's my first bike and I am just lookin' to connect with some folks and learn about her. Hope to have her runnin' soon.

Say "HI" if you have a mind to.